5+ Applications to Download the Most Complete Videos on HP

5+ Applications to Download the Most Complete Videos on HP infomixture.com

5+ Applications to Download the Most Complete Videos on HP

Here are some of the best video download applications on cellphones. Even though YouTube already exists as a place to find various kinds of popular videos in all corners of the world, many people still look for other video download applications besides YouTube to watch videos.

Mainly people who like to watch downloaded videos mostly look for applications other than YouTube to watch videos.

Regarding any application for downloading videos other than YouTube that can be enjoyed offline as well as videos, here we will share complete information for you! So, let’s check these out!

Complete list of applications to download videos on Android phones

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1. TubeMate

TubeMate is an application that is very good for downloading videos via Android smartphones. This application has a very pleasant appearance and is also very easy to use.

This application is also equipped with a browser so you can access the sites you really want to visit very easily. In addition, TubeMate also has other advantages.

TubeMate is here to offer you options for the quality and file format you want before you make a download. In addition, the file will automatically enter into your HP memory. Through TubeMate, you can also download YouTube even using the MP3 format.

However, if you want to download YouTube in MP3 format, then you still have to prepare an application called a converter. The application is very worth it to support TubeMate convert YouTube files into MP3.

2. KeepVid

KeepVid is an application that is present on Android and is one of the best applications for downloading videos from Android phones. This application also has a speed above the average if we compare it to other download applications.

Besides being able to download YouTube videos through KeepVid, you can also download videos from 27 different sites through KeepVid. You can download videos from Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and more.

The interface of the KeepVid application is very easy to use. Even though KeepVid you can also download videos from YouTube in MP3 format as well as What TubeMate can do for users.

But compared to TubeMate which still needs a converter, to convert YouTube videos to MP3 with KeepVid you don’t need to provide any additional devices.

3. Bulletsaver Video Downloader

The Bulletsaver application is still the same as the previous application which is also one of the most complete lists of applications for downloading videos on an Android phone. Through Videoder, you can download videos from various sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other videos.

You can also choose the quality up to the video format as you like. Through Videoder, you can also share the videos of your choice that you really like.

This application is equipped with a UI that makes the download speed increase. Moreover, the interface is light and has a different theme that makes Videoder very interesting.

Videoder comes in two versions. There is a free version of Videoder and a premium or paid version. Well, the free version of Videoder is not available on the Play Store. But if you want to download Videoder on the Play Store, you can download the premium or paid version.

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4. InsTube

InsTube is one of the coolest video download applications whose speed is very reliable. Through InsTube, you can also download videos from Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram, and others.

Besides being able to be used for several different platforms, InsTube is an application that has download speeds that deserve a thumbs up. Through InsTube, you can add bookmarks to create a private page to hide videos.

It’s just that InsTube, of the many advantages it has, also still has drawbacks. One of the drawbacks of InsTube is the presence of pop ads which sometimes seem annoying to some.

5. VidMate

The most complete application for downloading videos on HP, the next one is VidMate. This application is used to search for various files through categories such as music, movies, tv shows, or directly in the search field.

Through VidMate, you can also set the location to save files in the settings line. There are also other additional features in VidMate, which is equipped with encryption so that it can be used to hide videos that you really want to hide so that other people don’t see them.

6. NewPipe

NewPipe is an application that is used to invite users to feel the thrill of watching YouTube without any ads or ads. The best thing that the NewPipe application provides is that you can listen to the sound of the video you watch on YouTube even if you are opening another application on your cell phone.

The download speed of NewPipe is quite capable. NewPipe is even able to provide a wide selection of formats to use. NewPipe is an application that is able to maintain privacy and does not store user data or analyze user searches.

Interestingly, if the applications for downloading videos previously had pop ads, then you won’t be able to find them on NewPipe. You will never be disturbed by pop ads that appear.

7. YouTube Downloader

Furthermore, there is also such a thing as Dentex YouTube Downloader. The last application we mentioned is no less interesting than the previous application. Dentex YouTube Downloader can make it easier for you to download videos on YouTube to your cell phone.

The Dentex YouTube Downloader application supports many video formats from MP4 to MOV. Dentex YouTube Downloader is very suitable for various cell phones, even for cellphones with low RAM memory.

That’s the list of applications for downloading the most complete videos on your cell phone that you can use. Download the application and get the benefits.


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