Differences Between American, British and Pakistan Sign Language   

Difference between sign languages

We discuss the types of Sign Languages and how to learn a Sign language in our previous post. Today we will learn about the differences between American, British, and Pakistani Sign Language.


We all know that there are various spoken languages in different regions of the world, so we should know that there are also many Sign languages in the world.

Sign language is a language that uses hands and different gestures, including outward appearances and stances of the body for communicating.

The deaf people or people who have some hearing or speaking disorders use Sign Language. Deaf people need to learn the Sign language to cope up with the problems that occur while communicating with others. Sign Language helps in reducing hurdles for deaf people in communication.


Naturally, people think why there is not just one Sign language in the world?

Universal Sign language could make things easier for deaf people, but as we have several Spoken Languages, so also we have many Sign languages. People all over the world have different cultures, and they speak different languages that make them unique from others.

Sign language is not the same in the world. There are many Sign languages. Most people feel there is only one Sign language for the deaf in the world, but they all end up with the concluding statement that it is not universal.

Presently, there are over two hundred Sign languages in the entire globe.

Even English-speaking countries don’t have the same Sign language. For example, the United States speaks English and uses American Sign Language, and people of England also speak English, but they use BSL.

Like other languages, there are a variety of different Sign languages for special people based upon the native region in which they reside.

Americans people who have hearing disorders, so obviously they will learn American Sign Language for interacting and communicating with others. There are different varieties of sign languages for the learners that include; British Sign language, abbreviated as BSL, Pakistani Sign language (PSL), American Sign Language (ASL), and many more.

Pakistan Sign Language (PSL)

Pakistan Sign language (PSL) is one communication via gestures of the world used by the deaf community of Pakistan.
The interesting point to ponder is that in Pakistan, people learn and use Indo-Pak Sign language for deaf people.

A majority of deaf people are using this sign language for many years after the evolution of this sign language by the deaf community of Southeast Asia.


ASL is more like French sign language as the first sign language teacher Laurent Clerc in the USA was from France. He came to the USA to teaching and laid the foundation of ASL.

In America, ASL is a complete language with grammar and has linguistics properties like spoken language.


We know the language used by deaf people of the United Kingdom as British Sign Language (BSL). British Sign language has two-handed alphabets. The government of the United Kingdom recognized BSL as a free and complete language in March 2003.


Sign languages aren’t universal, so there is not a thing called International Sign IS.

● British and American languages differ from each other that emerged freely from each other and are different languages in actual.

The disputes occur because every language has a different grammar that is practiced by signs.

Even though there are a few signs which seem like the others, the dictionary is a great extent extraordinary in every language; these two dialects are commonly limitless to the text in conventional conditions.

● It is hard for BSL users to understand the American sign language because both are different. One of the most evident distinctions between these languages can rely upon the finger spellings.

As in ASL, people use one hand finger spellings while in BSL; peoples use two-hand finger spellings.

Americans believe that this one-handed framework is unrivaled as far as snappiness; the episodic proof has it that capable finger spellers in the two frameworks can traverse the letters in a similar measure of time.

The ASL focuses more on the use of the forefinger moving towards the ear, as a sign indicating the person is deaf.

● American Sign Language (ASL) is a finished, complex type of manual correspondence in which they join hand developments with outward appearances. Non-verbal communication to shape a visual-spatial language without sound.

ASL isn’t identified with communication in English and is considered phonetically as a total language in its own right. English Sign Language (BSL) is likewise a total, recognizable language.

● Although the United States and Great Britain share English as a typical Language, American Sign Language and British Sign Language are not commonly coherent.

These distinctions are because of the different chronicled improvement ways of the two dialects. One promptly obvious contrast is that ASL utilizes a one hand alphabetic framework, while BSL uses a two-handed letter set.

● PSL is not a complete language like BSL and ASL, so it doesn’t have linguistic properties and proper grammar and vocabulary, but BSL and ASL have linguistic properties, and they are known as recognized government languages.

● The typical individuals in the Pakistani public are not aware of this sign language, as they think only one kind of Sign language exists in the world.

It is the communication blockade that holds the fundamental right of communication between the communities of deaf people.

They can access the assets of Pakistani Sign language in the entire nation with the motive of helping the people who cannot hear so they can improve their proficiency abilities.

Also, the initiative of PSL is to improve their chances of training, work, and social incorporation for the deaf.

These assets have demonstrated to be a secret weapon for those working in Deaf instruction, just as for guardians, families, and bosses. Apart from this, the learning institutes for the deaf also focus on revising the English curriculum, based on ASL.

These schools have great devices for standard youngsters who need to learn English, just as for any unique needs kid with correspondence challenges.


Sign languages hold significant importance in a society where deaf people exist. To survive in this community, deaf need to learn and recognize the sign languages.

In learning how to communicate using signs, it is crucial to provide awareness to the deaf about different sign languages that are used and practiced all over the world.

If not all, at least the deaf should know and learn the ASL, as it holds great importance if one wants to improve his communication skills in English.

Though all the sign languages differ from each other, that proves the fact that Sign languages also have their different grammar and the dialects practised in different countries.

For that reason, different sign languages are globally in practice. Most of the countries are still working on developing Sign languages for the ease of deaf people living in those regions of the world.

Pakistan is also one of those countries that have adopted their Sign language. Yet it requires too much improvement and hard work, as still most of the deaf are unaware of these Sign languages.


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