How To Write An Article In Just 15 Minutes

The best excuse I’ve heard for not writing articles or blog posts is, “I don’t have time.” Believe me; you can write an article in just 15 minutes.
Yes, you can indeed write an article without scrutinizing the content, but it’s generally not well accepted by subscribers.

You know what? There are so many people like most internet marketers, sometimes they also procrastinate. Sometimes they just afraid to get on the computer and get to work (I know, it’s hard to believe, right?).

Writing is not as easy as most people think. Once you stuck with the situation ( if you are writing a novel ) and have no clue how to Continue. Of course, you simply stop writing.

You want to write but have no idea how to Get rid of block mode. You just stuck with that piece. Result of all this is no new article for a long time. In this situation, you start losing many of your readers.

If you look back now, there is not much difference in the number of years you can write or talk. Are you without words for a day? No. Never. Every day you can talk, tell stories, share your opinion with others. It goes without saying.

If you want to start writing now, all kinds of objections arise as to why you should not be able to do this. But you can write almost as well as you can talk. That is not a problem.

It’s about doing. You practice talking daily. You talk every day. So it is time to write every day. You need regularity. Then writing also becomes easy.

How to start writing again?


 To address that issue, You would only spend 15 minutes a day, creating content for your blog or article. Only 15 minutes a day can be 45 minutes or more.

To defeat preconceptions, you need to make it a habit to create content, such as brushing your teeth or going out for a morning run.

I also try this method and get exceptional output.

I now spend 15 to 20 minutes creating content as part of my morning ritual, but now it’s a daily habit.

Write an article in just 15 minutes

If you write fast, you should write a 750-word article in about 5 minutes, but that’s not the case here. You need to create “quality content.”

Before writing an article, you need to research keywords and competitors’ content. This should always be done the day before.

Keyword Research

Perform a keyword search on the topic of the article you plan to write the next day. You should be done immediately after writing the article for the day.

Everything from the piece you just finished will be fresh in your mind. Sometimes it can be a completely new topic.

Make a note of any additional keyword suggestions provided by Google for use as the main keyword.

Then open the top-ranked news, content, videos, and images for your keywords and use them for the topics in the next article.

You can also use Twitter and Facebook to search for hashtags related to your keywords.

Doing all this will give you an overview of the content available online with the keywords you search for.


Hashtags allow you to find the most shared and read articles on Facebook and Twitter. Copy the article title and highlights from the article’s body.

You can also select the best-ranking image available for your keywords. You need to open a new Word document and paste pictures, titles, and highlights collected from different sources. What you have now is a good article skeleton.

Write articles from the reader’s perspective

Articles on competitors’ websites are probably well-researched and ranked by search engines. You can create even better articles by reviewing the article comments on your competitors’ articles and blog posts and starting to understand what your readers think.

Find out what your readers want. For news articles and topics related to politics, you can get a good idea of ​​the political tendencies of those who are commenting on the news.

Write the suggestions your readers have for the article.

That’s it! All the work you have to do to get ready to write the article the next day.

Here’s how to create a skeleton or outline for the following article: It’s all hard work (it’s not that hard).

The next morning, sit down and start writing articles (or if you’re doing everything the same morning, take a break if necessary).

If I’m doing what I just said, you can write an article efficiently in 15-20 minutes.

If possible, make a video of the article you just created (within 3 minutes). The video is useful for some readers who do not want to read your article at this time.

You need to upload the video to YouTube and link to an article or blog site (doing this will cause Google to love you and reward you with increased SEO rankings)!

Post your article with a hashtag based on the comments from your competitor’s article. This will help you get some initial access and sharing.

Avoid the typical “no time to write” excuse.

I showed you how to do it over a cup of coffee! And before the coffee cools, you should be able to complete and load the article and start investigating the article for tomorrow.


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