How to Motivate a Dear One Who is in Depression?

motivate dear one wno is in depression

How to Motivate a Dear One who is in Depression? 


Dealing with the person who is in depression is not a simple task always. It’s become more difficult when that person is very dear to you. The state of mind they have been suffering from can’t be explained in words. However, little care and attention towards them can help them a lot in overcoming this disorder. They expect you to be humble and polite with them, rather than shouting and showing anger over their behavior. There is a need to motivate the dear one to ignore such negative thoughts, which are the root cause. Or we can say that depression is a disease and motivation is medicine.

First of all, we must know what depression is? It is a thinking disorder and a serious medical issue that affects your activities and alters the normal behavior of the person. Now the question of concern is how to get rid of depression? Motivating the dear ones suffering from it could be the best choice, instead of using medicines to calm the mind. We have to understand the cause, which is making a person depressed.

The most important way to save your fellows from the depression effect is to spend maximum time with them. You should be a good listener, as sometimes the depressed one wants someone to listen to all their worries. Or someone who will be present anytime when he needs them. After listening, it required you to analyze the situation and gather the point which is causing depression. There are different ways to motivate a dear one who is in depression, either it be a verbal or physical method.

Build A Hope:

There is a need to motivate them and build the hope which they have lost due to overthinking on any matter.

“If your brain cells deny any chance of hope, there must be still some.”

That means hope is always there, you just need to rebuild it via efficient motivation.

Motivate them by giving the example of the sun, “You can rise again and shine with your own brightness, as the Sun does it daily by rising from the darkness”. Let them know about their potential to survive and flourish again in life.

Make Them More Social:

A depressed person prefers to live alone and avoid interaction with anyone. Motivate them to spend more time being engaged with the friends, families, or any other healthy activity rather than living alone and overthinking. You must encourage them to go out, anywhere in the city or even in the street. This would definitely freshen their mind and help a lot in overcoming this mental illness. Take them to the parks and join social activities.


Motivates dear one who is in depression to do some physical exercise daily, at least for a while. This can boost up their metabolism and bring hormonal changes in the body beneficial to forget depression. This may take time, but surely will bring much positive change in the behavior and thinking level of the dear ones.

 How to Motivate a Dear One who is Depressed

How to Motivate a Dear One who is in Depression? 

Avoid Overthinking:

This motivates them to avoid overthinking and forget the matters which cause overthinking. Help them in forgetting any past misfortune event which has left a drastic effect on their mental capabilities. Try to fill their mind with new happy memories, so there would be no space left for the old sad ones. Make them laugh with the jokes and remember the happy times spent together.

Adequate Sleep:

The best anti-depressant medicine ever discovered is a peaceful sleep. The one who is suffering from this disorder never sleeps well or either has less sleep than average. You must motivate your dear ones to maintain a balance in their routine. And to sleep well as per healthy body requirements. It makes a person fresh and helps in forgetting the cause of depression.

Restore Their Trust:

Depressed persons don’t trust themselves anymore. You need to motivate dear ones to restore their trust and challenge the depressive thoughts. Make your own choices even in unimportant matters and try to be happy with them. Similarly, help them boost their judgemental skills and decision-making abilities. This will help to engage the mind in healthy activity, rather than being depressed from anxiety and negative thoughts.

Keep Them Busy:

It always involved a depressed person in multiple thoughts while doing any task. This may divert their attention from what they are doing, and depression dominates here. You must motivate your dear one to use their concentration only towards the task rather than concentrating on foolish thought. Try to focus the thought towards the new innovations or watch any movie if there is free time.

Set New Goals:

An empty mind is the home of evil thoughts, which may lead to depression. So if your friend is in depression, you need to motivate him to stay engaged in analyzing different goals. Set his aims and goals in life, and try his best to achieve them. Then reward himself on being successful after achieving the goal, may it be good food, or a small trip, etc. This would help to fill the mind with the joy of success wiping out the evil negative thoughts.

Conclusively, we can say that the depression may serve as the silent killer if not healed within time. So you must take care of your dear ones by motivating them when they are in depression.

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