What is Freelancing and who Can Be a Freelancer ?


What is freelancing?

In COVID-19, where everyone is forced to remain at home, business is getting closed, peoples are losing their jobs, and God knows what is happening in the next moment.
Only the freelancer is not much worried about it.
Freelancing gives you freedom. It is the self-employment while staying at home without worrying about 9 to 5 job and especially for the women in an Asian country like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, etc., where women don’t like to go out for a full-time job and yes, is also very difficult to manage in this society. By working from home as a freelancer, you are your boss and work from your comfort zone, answering no one about time and work.
Freelancing allows everyone to pick the projects of their own choice to make money and discover about you. According to Upwork, freelancers making over one billion from their platform alone as there are hundreds of freelance websites from where peoples are earning a good income.

Why freelancing snowballing?

As per today’s time, everyone wants to live life as they wish. Freelancing allows everyone who is a freelancer to work in your time and do anything like work, sleep, hangout, or go to the gym the time you like to do. There is no limitation on working. Everyone has their own time and plan to use.
Recently, freelancing is getting popular equally among women, especially in Asian countries. It’s all because it gives some freedom to work. Women, especially housewives, can do freelancing to feed their babies, can manage time effectively.

How freelancing empower women?

Especially in Asian countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, women face problems going out for 9 to 5 jobs and also manage their homes and babies. So by freelancing, they have opportunities to remain at home and earn some bucks for their daily life. Freelancing enable them to polish their skill, and most of the time, women do what a man can’t do even if he goes out and learn and explore and prove themselves.

Who is a freelancer?

A skilled and not ready for being employed for the long term and loves to work with different clients all over the world. A freelancer doesn’t have a boss or an office of someone, but the freelancer Is one person who is his boss. Not to worry about 9 to 5 tough job.
A freelancer is one who works from home, even from his comfort zone and the time hours that suit him. Freelancer has financial freedom and freedom of driving. Nowadays, most freelance work is done through the internet, and all you need to have an internet connection and a laptop or PC, but some work needs a field job.

Benefits of freelancing:

By growing the number of freelancing day by day, freelancing is several benefits for sure.
• Almost every freelance job allows working from home. There Is no 9 to 5 job routine.
• It is flexible to do work on the task. Whether you work late at night, early morning, or daytime, totally depend on freelancers.
• Freelancer has freedom of what to wear, no worry about dressing even can work on a nightdress.
• No matter how big or small a project complete, a freelancer can charge as per he/she wants, not to work on for a flat rate.
• A freelancer experiments with their skill set truly and can add more expertise in their skill set.

Types of freelancing market places:

Freelancing has two types till now all because of market places those offer freelancing job. These types are because of different criteria and uniqueness.
Traditional Freelance market place:
In this type of freelance, market place an employee post a project on the platform with requirements and a freelancer bid on the project related to their skill set. Employees receive responses as bids and pick up the freelancer with the best offer. After that, employees check out the profile of the freelancer and start conversations with the freelancer.
If he is satisfied and feels that this freelancer is the right person for my job, immediately award order. Famous market places are Upwork, guru, freelancer, people per hour, etc.

Non-Traditional Freelance market place:

Till now, there is only one traditional marketplace on the internet. There, a freelancer displays their services or packages known as a gig. These packages contain titles, descriptions, prices, images, and videos. When an employee purchases the gig amount of a project, remain in escrow and released when the freelancer has done the task. The only non-traditional market place is Fiverr.

Why is Fiverr famous?

Fiverr is non-traditional market places and its presence high among the traditional marketplaces. Fiverr is rapidly growing among beginners because, as a beginner, you don’t need too much knowledge and can create a gig and start selling. Fiver is different and has a unique algorithm. Its algorithm ranks the same gigs against the keywords. SEO for a gig is essential in Fiverr to get rank on the first page of Fiverr.
Famous freelance market places:
Here are some top freelance market places;
• Upwork
• Guru
• Freelancer
• Fiverr
• People per hour
• 99 Design
• Toptal
• Craigslist
• Simplyhired
• Hirable
• Linkedin
And many more.

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