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Soovle: the ultimate guide to finding the best keywords

What is Soovle, and how can it help you with SEO in 2020?

So as you all know that in our last article, we discuss the SEO tools, and now In this article, we will see how can help find the best keywords for your niche and also how to ” replicate ” the success of this keyword engine (I don’t know how else to define it). Let’s explore Soovle: the ultimate guide to finding the best keywords.

What is Soovle?

Soovle is a search engine that combines other search engines results in one place, including Google, Bing, Amazon,, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and YouTube. I find Soovle very helpful in finding new topics to cover in my articles.

Instead of searching all the websites, you can access all the data in one central location.

best free seo keyword research tool 2021 solve
Soovle: the ultimate guide to finding the best keywords receives many visitors per month, so it is trendy, and people like to use it.

Soovle is a tool to use to find general topics that can be broken down into keyword targets.

Here’s How To Do It:

Type in a search term and hit enter (or click “Soovle”).

Look at the tips and click on the one you prefer;

You’ll see the results update quickly based on the sentence you clicked on.

I like the thing that you can repeat the steps as many times as you want! guide


Copy the content ideas provided by Soovle or download them in a .csv file.

Go to Ahrefs and hit on the “Keyword Explorer” tool.

Paste your keywords.

You will now need to filter these keywords. Searched keywords in soovle and search and filter, again search keywords in soovle and search filter.

Then sort the keyword list so that the keywords with the lowest KD appear at the top.

Dig Deeper:

You could immediately find the keywords that interest you, but I advise you to dig deeper and deeper because you have no idea how many interesting ideas you could find, I assure you!

You also have the possibility to insert some filters to carry out increasingly detailed searches.

If you have the budget, I recommend Ahrefs or SEMRush because it simplifies the process.

Backlinks With Soolve:

Also, with Soovle, you can find all the backlinks of those who mention your website, enter your domain name, and that’s it.

The most searched keywords on Google As you can see from the above screen, if you click the button at the top left of the soovle home page, you can find the most searched keywords on the internet arranged in alphabetical order.

How to emulate the success of Soolve?

It’s no secret that free tools are a powerful way to attract backlinks. Soolve proves it. The SEO industry offers tools and software, but you can take advantage of this principle in other sectors.

Of course, you can create your own free tool that adds value and authority to your brand. Alternatively, you can purchase an existing tool.

Just do a little research, and you may find tools that are not having much success, sold at really ridiculous prices. The world is full of programmers, believe me.

Then send an email to the instrument owner and ask if they are interested in entering into a trade.

You may be wondering: what is the point of acquiring an instrument?

First of all, acquiring an existing tool will also help you acquire your backlink profile. This means that you can get an almost instant wave of new backlinks and authority on the website.

As long as your domain has good SEO positioning.

You can promote the tool to get even more backlinks.

Best Part Of Soolve?

No need to search for an idea and create the tool from scratch. Skip the entire step, and you have a tool that has already proven popular and works (based on the volume of links you’ve received).

Get started with Soovle right now!

Soovle is a simple yet powerful tool for performing semantic searches in your industry. Could you take advantage of it?

Also, think about how you can create or acquire a tool in your industry. In this way, you can get more backlinks and improve your SEO at lightning speed.


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