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17 online freelance jobs/businesses to work from anywhere in the world today


As you know COVID-19 just change the whole concept of work and business. Now people manage their business from home, and connect with anyone, anytime to anywhere in the world. Work from home sounds weird? But…. Yes, this is all true. 

Just because it takes time to start an independent business/freelance jobs doesn’t mean you can’t, just jump in right away and dive in. 

So here we just compiled these 17 online freelance jobs/businesses to work from anywhere in the world today worklist for you.

What online business can you do today?

Among the different businesses described below:

  • Some will be easier to understand than others.
  • Some will make you more money.

But ALL will allow you to work from anywhere in the world.

This list is far from exhaustive, but it will give you a taste of what you can do.

It rates each online business based on 3 criteria:

  1. Learning: How difficult it is to be successful in the field.
  2. The Investment: How long before you get any returns.
  3. The gain: How much it can bring.

And for the same activity, some will earn money much faster than others.

It just goes to show that we are not all equal to success. 🙂

More importantly, most of these 17 online businesses/freelance jobs are extensive areas of activity in which you will need to come up with a more focused idea.

An idea “nested” enough to earn you money quickly.

Not everyone is getting started as a freelancer, and some even think working from home is not for them.

Yet every year, scores of employees leave their jobs to embark on a solo adventure, whether it’s micro-business or otherwise. These reckless people have good reasons to do so, they may already have a customer book or a well-crafted project.

Others can work from their home out of spite, often driven by health problems, a baby or even because no company deigns to hire them… In this case, the choice to start a business may seem risky, especially if you don’t really know what to do!

Do you recognize yourself there? Do you have to work from home but it scares you? Don’t be discourage yourself, several jobs can be done from home, you may not know them all but this article will help you see more clearly.

I prefer to tell you right away: if you think you will find in this list jobs like Nursery Assistant, Manicure or Jewelry Designer, you can already leave this article.

No, I’m going to talk more about the “digital jobs” that you can do from home with a computer + some knowledge + a lot of work + a little creativity.

Admittedly, that already reduces the public but:

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a computer (other than my maid),

Knowledge can be acquired quickly through training,

The work and time you invest in your retraining will be decisive,

Creativity? Well, it’s more complicated, but it’s not lost!

So everything is still possible for you, here is the program:

1: Copywriter – Web Copywriter / Copywriter

The job of a copywriter can be extensive: you may need to write blog posts, white papers, case studies, social media posts, content for web pages, etc.

But I put this digital job at the top of the list for several reasons:

First, it is accessible to “everyone” who can write correctly: a computer and word processing software will do!

Then it’s in high demand right now and for a long time. A website needs content to improve its natural referencing, and it is often the time that companies are sorely lacking to feed their blog. 

Finally, if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about web writing, you can read some information or take a short training course lasting a few days. So you can start earning a living from home.

Not to mention that you will need a good culture in the topic you write and splendid notions of SEO to position your articles on the 1st page of Google!

If you don’t want to do this by yourself, then you can hire someone who can write for you. So you can make money like a boss 

2: Storyteller

A Storyteller (or Storyteller) is someone who offers storytelling professionally. You can well do this job in the form of freelance assignments.

Beyond the web editor, the Storyteller masters a specific way of telling a story (real or imaginary) for marketing.

It is an emerging profession that will be in high demand over the next few years because the power of storytelling can work miracles!

It uses storytelling more and more in communication strategies to promote brands and products, whether in written, audio or video content.

3: Ebook Writing

If writing an ebook interests you, then you should dig in as these services are in demand.

Several online businesses need ebooks as a “carrot” to entice people to leave their email addresses, so they need writers.

Writing an ebook pays more than web writing, but it also depends on the topic and the valuable information you provided in the book.

Note that a well-written ebook should contain graphics, graphics, research, case studies, interviews, charts, etc.

For this, you can use Canva.

4: Proofreader/Proofreading

With more and more self-published authors, proofreading and proofreading professions are very popular.

The authors of works or books can make mistakes without realizing it and even after proofreading. They call this “having your head in the handlebars”. No matter how much we read and reread, our brain no longer sees mistakes.

So proofreaders are very important in the publishing and self-publishing professions. An outsider has a new and aim look at the work done.

If you think about it, it’s a time-consuming job but not very complicated!

Be careful, to do this job, be rigorous and show concentration, without forgetting that this requires a perfect knowledge/mastery of the language used.

5: Translator

Well, you’ll understand, it can’t be learned like that. It will not be enough for you to take training to become a translator.

If you are very good at a language and you have the chance to speak a foreign language fluently, then this digital job is for you.

Thus, from your home, you will accept translation assignments. This could be texts, books, articles, notices, e-commerce sheets, etc.

The hardest part will work out your rates.

This will have to be studied in order not to be underpaid but also not to be above the market. See how other translators charge, test, and adjust as needed.

 6: Freelance graphic designer

Do you have a talent for drawing, do you have an eye for detail and harmony? Are you creative and up to date with current design trends? Have you ever thought your passion could earn you a living from home?

Graphic designers are often in charge of making logos and graphic charters, models for printing (business cards/flyers, etc.) or even designs for packaging, etc.

It is a very creative and inspiring profession. Thus, you can imagine visual identities for companies in the creation or for those who wish to update their brand image.

If you recognize yourself in this description but have never used appropriate software for doing graphics and vector drawing, you will need to train yourself first. A few days or weeks of training may be sufficient depending on your abilities.

Note: To become a Graphic Designer, you must at least master Adobe Illustrator and/or Affinity Designer software. There are training courses that can be taken care of by your organizations, but there are also many online training courses (videos).

7: Web Designer

If you have creative skills in website design or redesign, you might turn to web design.

Thus, convey information, on a website, through visual elements that must combine aesthetics, user experience and ergonomics.

You can imagine graphics for web pages or web applications by making models.

We could say that the profession of Web Designer is like that of the graphic designer but more oriented towards the web.

Note: you do not learn this profession in a snap, but a good training followed by a few weeks of internship can give you the knowledge you will need to get started as a freelancer. The software of choice for Web Designers is the famous SKETCH which is intuitive and which has revolutionized the work of designers disconcertingly!

8: Web integrator

The Web Integrator – also known as Front End Developer – is a job you can do from home as a freelance.

The integrator must know HTML and CSS at a minimum. To be a “Front-End developer”, he will also have to master JavaScript and PHP (if he integrates with WordPress). His job is to convert a mockup (produced by the Web designer) into a functional web page.

This job is sought after and can be the subject of recurring freelance assignments. For example, a web agency could outsource certain tasks such as integration.

Please note: an integrator will have to master the various web languages ​​at their fingertips to be productive and to earn a decent living.

9: Web Developer

In the list of 17 online freelance jobs/businesses to work from anywhere in the world today, web development is at number 9.

If you like programming and are not afraid of web languages, then you can sell your services as a Web Developer.

It is a profession that can very well be practised in an agency or remotely, from your home. Some languages ​​may be more popular than others, but good developers are in demand and the workday can be sold for dearly.

Note: if you already have some notions of web development, you can take effective training courses that will allow you to deepen your knowledge in just a few months.

10: Webmaster / Creator of WordPress sites

While some notions of Web design and Web Development are more than welcome, you might well consider retraining as a Freelance Webmaster.

WordPress is a platform adapted to the current high demand for website creation.

As soon as you master this CMS, you will finally be able to offer your services to support your customers in the digitalization of their business.

11: SEO Consultant

Many businesses need to rank effectively on search results to find new customers or sell their products.

The web can be the # 1 revenue channel for some businesses. These are ready to invest considerable sums of money so it implements the latest optimization strategies on their websites to beat the competition and achieve a sustainable online business.

If Google has no secrets for you and you can offer such services, then you won’t have any trouble working as a Freelance SEO. The daily rate of an SEO consultant is often high, especially if the desired results are the key.

Note: If SEO inspires you, do a lot of content curation. Many websites deal with this subject, read, stay up to date and finally, take training to master the various practices. SEO cannot be learned overnight and experience will keep you improving. First, you can read this article dedicated to SEO mistakes.

12: SEA Consultant

A SEA consultant is an expert in managing sponsored campaigns. He must have expert knowledge of tools like Google AdWords, Facebook Add, etc.

The SEA consultant must know all the techniques to optimize sponsored campaigns, he must also have flair, position himself in the right place, at the right time …

With a little experience, this digital profession can be learned and improved.

You will need to provide detailed figures to your client because they will want to know their return on investment. Numbers and goals will be the key to your success.

Note: SEO and SEA are two sets of opposing techniques. The same provider could offer both types of services but it is advisable to specialize in conveying an expert image.

 13: Online Training

Online training is on the rise In the list of 17 online freelance jobs/businesses to work from anywhere in the world today. Many people want to learn without paying too much or going back to school.

If you enjoy teaching and have a qualification/speciality to impart, you can become an online tutor.

There are a few sites that allow you to create your training online and sell it. So you will earn money each time one of your courses is attended by a student.

You will definitely have to pay the platform a commission, but if your training is successful, you can make a good living.

14: Professional Blogger

Are you interested in becoming a freelance blogger? Some bloggers have given up their work to devote themselves entirely to their blog.

This is not a legend, although the percentage is very low, some bloggers make a decent living from their blog.

How? ‘Or’ What? You can monetize your blog through advertisements, partnerships, affiliate links, and other products for sale.

Warning: before giving it all up, it’s good to start your blog alongside the main activity and see if it works because it is not given to everyone.

 The blogging market is saturated: you will need to find the right niche and exploit it with a fresh eye.

15: Audio transcription

Need flexible work from home? You could become an audio transcriptionist. It’s a fairly straightforward job, you just need to have good listening skills and transcribe the content into writing.

All you need is a reliable internet connection, a computer, and word processing software.

16: Virtual Assistant

Nowadays, virtual assistants are in high demand. Small businesses hire freelance assistants to outsource various tasks like running a corporate blog, managing emails/newsletters, managing social media, managing schedules, etc.

Note: you will need to be versatile and your salary will depend on the number of contracts you get, you can combine tasks from several clients/companies.

17: Video Editing

If you are good at video editing and your work is creative, you won’t have a hard time finding assignments.

Many businesses need quality content to sell their services or products. Videos are in great demand on the web, whether for teasing, tutorial or commercial videos.

In conclusion:

All the web jobs on this list are really jobs of the future, all of them! In fact, since Web 2.0, all these new professions have grown, they are in high demand and as the market is growing, demand is also growing.

If you want/need to retrain, think about web professions because they will have a long life … The web will not disappear!

Keep in mind that these jobs will require a lot of work, especially in retraining where you must redouble your efforts.


Finally, when you get started, don’t hesitate to restrict your services. Freelancers who offer too many diverse services are struggling to get off the ground.


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