Top 10 Universities with Best Placements for MBA in Australia

Top 10 Universities with Best Placements for MBA in Australia

Top 10 Universities with Best Placements for MBA in Australia


A Master in Business Administration (MBA) is undoubtedly a significant degree. It’s crucial to pick a quality institution to pursue a quality MBA. One of the best and most affordable destinations for the same is Australia. The country is full of top-rated universities and business schools. Not just cheap, the Australian business injury is one of the most interactive and active ones. You can expect rapid career growth based on how much effort you put in. If you are looking for an affordable and high-caliber MBA, Australia is a place.

Why Australia for MBA

It’s not just Australia that is an excellent place to pursue an MBA degree. Many elements make it exceptional in its way. For example, the country is considered one of the top 3 most liveable countries globally. Now it doesn’t just depict its lifestyle. This excellent position is a perfect education system, laid-back lifestyle, interactive market, beauty, and vibrant city life plus a high standard of living.


If you are an MBA aspirant, you must know how much these things matter to thrive as an MBA graduate. You do not only need a good business industry but a suitable environment. It promotes new business opportunities in the country. In Australia, you can execute your ideas and creativity to try something new at any point. The country also has business tie-ups in the USA, Uk, Canada, Germany, and many other top nations.


The latest reports state that the MBA market in Australia is worth $500 million (MBA News Australia). The country has more than 20,000 students pursuing their MBAs at over 30 Australian business schools. If we look at the average fee to seek an excellent MBA from Australia, it goes somewhere around A$47,500. This figure is equivalent to around 26 lakhs, which is impressive compared to other countries.

Placements for MBA in Australia

In general, Australian universities do not host placement events. Instead, you get to experience a different approach there. In the place of placement, the Australian universities host job fairs. Here you will have to network for yourself and find the right job. These features enable students to work with their current skills and find a matching career. This way, the career development possibilities become more accessible.


It works because you get to see many professional gatherings at these job fairs. You have to reach out and talk to company representatives, HR management, committee members, classmates, entrepreneurs, etc. Then, based on your qualifications and caliber, you can choose your options accordingly. However, this is not the only option you have to look for a job after your MBA.


There are many gatherings and social events in Australian Universities. Since the market there is quite interactive, these are much better than anticipated. You can present your ideas to many investors and entrepreneurs at these events. Through these gatherings and events, if someone finds your arguments convincing, you can expect investment for your business ideas or even carry out the rest of your MBA tuition.

Top 10 Institutes for MBA in Australia

MBA in Australia has always been one of the top destinations for studying abroad. Business schools like MBS, UNSW, and Monash are a few examples of how good MBA Australia offers. Specifically, sectors like finance, agriculture, healthcare, and information technology are very prosperous. So it makes Australia the top target if you want specific MBAs.


Here are the top 10 institutes in Australia for MBA –

No. Institute Name Location
1 Melbourne Business School Melbourne
2 UNSW (AGSM) Sydney
3 Monash Business School Melbourne
4 Macquarie Business School Sydney
5 UQ Business School Brisbane
6 UWA Business School Perth
7 ANU College of Business & Economics Canberra
8 RMIT Graduate School of Business and Law Melbourne
9 Unisa Business School Adelaide
10 Uts Business School Sydney



Compared to other destinations, Australia seems more reasonable to pursue an MBA. Australia excels in all departments, not just the business industry and tuition itself, including the education system, universities, lifestyle, environment, and heritage. Plus, many of the b schools in Australia are ranked among the top business schools globally. So what more do you want?




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